Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Gaggle of Angels

I'm not sure what a group of angels is called—a multitude, a host, a flock, a gaggle? I kind of like gaggle so I'll go with that.

These gorgeous paintings of angels are by the wonderful artist Jane DesRosier (until recently of North Carolina, now Washington state). Actually, these are prints of her original paintings (couldn't have afforded the originals even if they'd been available). Six of them were mounted on birch plywood when I bought them from Jane, and four I mounted following her instructions. I think they are captivating—so reflective of the different personalities angels surely have.

Here's the group before I got them up on the wall:


And here are some close-ups—Jane does incredible amounts of layering and texturing; the colors are so deep. If you look closely on the third picture below you'll see a portion of Scripture text that's been layered into the paint:







And here they are grouped on the wall (I could have used some art direction here, but did the best I could):



I've posted this beautiful video of Jane in her studio before, but I'll post it again here so you can see this amazing artist at work painting "Jesus and Mother" (accompanied by Patty Griffin's song "Mary" -- gorgeous): Link. (Warning: when you land on the page, scroll immediately to the bottom of the page and turn off the music that plays automatically as it will conflict with the music in Jane's speed-painting video.

And here's another artist's (Katherine Labbe) portrait of Gritty Jane (as Jane DesRosier is known) herself—it looks a lot like her!

Thanks to God for Jane's great talent and to Jane for sharing it abundantly.

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