Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winter Greens

Stopped by the Matthews Farmers Market this morning and came home with some beautiful winter greens: two bunches of collards, a bunch of regular spinach, two bunches of Bordeaux spinach (red stems), a giant head of Romaine lettuce and a head of red leaf lettuce. The temp was in the mid-30's this morning (lower overnight), and our local organic growers are still producing this beautiful produce:


I've been fortunate to have an abundant supply of Swiss chard growing in my own front bed. These chard plants are all from seeds from a plant that went to seed last year. I picked a leaf 21" long the other day (the leaf only, not counting the stem) and 10" wide to make a wrap for lunch.




  1. Killer chard!

  2. ....i gonna have to do this next season! Is the chard like collards and best after the frost?

  3. Not sure my palate is sophisticated enough to tell the difference between pre- and post-frost chard! But they say the cold nights help all these fall greens. These plants have been abundant and delicious when eaten raw in salads or as wraps.