Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Best Way to Spend a Half-hour a Day


  1. Great video. There seems to be a growing body of data showing that moving the body is critical for health. Could it be that differences in daily activity account for the increase in disease from earlier periods in American history more than changes in diet?

    I'm sure both matter, but as I've walked in vegan circles for a number of years I have noticed people harp on diet as the more primary cause of disease.

    Here is another summary of articles showing that in the elderly how much you move may be more important than what you eat: http://mangans.blogspot.com/2011/11/exercise-vs-nutrition-in-aging-lift.html


  2. I'm sure your thesis is correct -- amazing that "a hundred" years ago there was no need for a fitness industry. People moved so much in daily life -- mostly on the farm -- that movement was a given. The last "hundred" years has made us sedentary and given us processed foods -- not surprising that our health has declined. Thanks for the other link.