Saturday, May 21, 2011

Black Cab Sessions

Thanks to Smart People I Know for the link to the Black Cab Sessions -- a series of indie artists/bands singing and playing from the back seat of a classic London black cab while riding around London, New York, SXSW, and other locales. There are scores of videos, most of them of groups/artists I've never heard of. But check it out -- you'll find Fleet Foxes (one of the few I knew) and perhaps others of your favorites.

Here's Brian Wilson and his band (okay, not exactly an indie artist -- yes, the Brian Wilson) doing "Lucky Old Sun" and "California Girls:"

I also liked the videos of Mumford and Sons (akin to the Avett Brothers) and the legendary British guitarist, singer, and songwriter Richard Thompson and friends -- (his official site here and career retrospective boxed-set here -- the best of his 40 [!] albums) but "these artists haven't given permission to embed [their] videos on this domain" -- (que the Bronx Cheer) -- c'mon guys -- what happened to the indie music spirit? (Thompson is legendary in England -- his first song has some powerful spiritual lyrics; the second he seems to make up on the spot (not sure about that -- oops! just discovered this tune, "My Very Good Friend the Milkman" is on Clapton's latest album -- is this a traditional English tune?) -- a pleasure to watch his deft guitar handling -- after a lifetime of playing, the guitar seems to be an extension of his two hands.)

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