Thursday, May 26, 2011


I referenced the timeless British guitarist/singer/songwriter Richard Thompson in a post (below) a few days ago. I had to include this song which I'll conceal the name of and let you hear it yourself -- it's part of the fun.

In 1999, an American magazine asked a group of artists to submit their list of the most representative songs of the millennium. He took them seriously and with his background in music was well qualified, beginning his list with an eleventh-century piece and working his way up to the year 2000. The magazine didn't publish his list, but he decided to create a tour and DVD/CD album of the songs he had chosen. The range of songs is amazingly wide, and his ability to interpret them is awe inspiring.

Which leads us to this piece. The above background will help you understand his introductory comments. What amazes me most is that so many people in this upscale audience (mostly women, it sounds like) were able to sing the words to this song!

Another great interpretation from the same concert, this one of 1985:

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