Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Twist on Oatmeal

The oatmeal I eat almost daily is a mix of steel cut oats and 7-grain rolled cereal from Wheat Montana. Traditional oatmeal is rolled in presses to flatten out the groats (oat seeds) and therefore they cook more quickly. Steel-cut oats are the the groats cut in 2-3 pieces with sharp knives, which take a bit longer to cook. Oats are such a healthful food that I mix about two-thirds of oats with one-third of the 7-grain rolled cereal when I cook oatmeal. In this picture you can see the difference between the rolled (flattened) pieces of cereal grain and the cut oat groats:


The Happy Healthy Librarian posted a recipe for oatmeal that is a different twist on the traditional. It consists of oatmeal, nutritional yeast, turmeric, mushrooms (shitake, crimini, whatever), spinach (kale, chard, whatever greens), and sun-dried (dehydrated) tomatoes. It is one of the heartiest breakfasts I've ever eaten. The only thing I add is a small dollop of maple syrup in the middle of the bowl to cut the "savory" flavor of the other ingredients. (Get her full article and recipe here.)

In the pot:


And in the bowl (missing the maple syrple):


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