Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stuff that Works: Shea World Shea Butter

If you need something for your skin, organic shea butter from my son's company, Shea World, will fit the bill. Since he spends a disproportionate amount of his life on the beach in California, he needed something for sunburn, dry skin, bumps and scrapes, and the like. When he discovered shea butter worked better than anything else, he and a friend created Shea World to make a vegan, organic, pure shea butter available. It comes in tangerine, lavender, and vanilla scents, or unscented, and contains nothing but pure, organic shea butter from Africa and pure oil for the scented versions. I've been using it and decided it definitely deserves a Stuff that Works page. It's especially good for eczema as well as for an aftershave balm. It goes on slightly "oily" but absorbs into the skin in a couple minutes. Good stuff—I love the lavender scent.

Read more about it at their web site, (Choice of sizes plus FREE shipping.)




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