Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finally! Peace in the Middle East!

Now that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as been declared the winner of last weekend's election, the newly appointed president has issued encouraging words about his desire to live peacefully with Egypt's neighbor, Israel. Why does everyone think so badly of the Muslim Brotherhood? Peace-seeking Egyptians, regular people who want to simply care for their families and make their way in the world, will be glad to know they have just been designated as martyrs for Hamas.

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  1. So, will all the politicians who praised the "democratic change" taking place in North Africa now humbly admit what so many knew all along? Democracy will only survive long enough to install the new autocrats: but this time instead of a secular autocrat who allowed Muslims Copts and others to coexist in relative peace they will have the terror of Muslim extremism. Democracy: short lived and suicidal. I have particular sympathy for Christians, moderate Muslims and all those secularists who really did try and fight for something better. They have reaped a whirlwind.