Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stuff That Works: Brew Mug

My son David, he of the Grindcore House, introduced me to this brew mug that works well. The Grindcore House gets most of its tea offerings from, also the source for this mug.



The inner cup, for holding loose tea during steaping, is stainless steel with really tiny perforations that keep any tea debris from winding up the finished brew. (Pictured is a yerba mate blend, looking similar to what might come out of your lawnmower's catch-bag, but tasting decidedly better, I assume.)


Caution: don't drop the cup cover from more than a few inches. I accidentally did, and the ceramic lid split, albeit with a clean break. So a little Gorilla brand super-glue put 'er back together again.


The bag of yerba mate. I'm no expert on tea, and sampled this brew because vegan marathoner Brendan Frazier recommends it as part of his regimen as a mild pick-me-up. It seems to have less caffeine than regular green tea based on my unofficial buzz meter:


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