Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Faster Up and Down

My ISP is Time Warner Road Runner. Each time they have added a speed boost I have upgraded to the faster service. I recently upgraded from Road Runner Turbo to Road Runner Extreme (about $10 more per month) and am pretty pleased with the result. (There is one faster level—RR Wideband—but it's a business-class service and way expensive.)

I did Upload and Download speed tests at using each of the eight cities available for the test, then averaged the results. The average download speed from all points around the country was 29.43 Mbps and the average upload speed was 4.92 Mbps. I can definitely tell the difference in the way web pages load and how long it takes to send an email containing pictures—all faster.

RR Extreme requires a new modem which comes with an added benefit: it is also a wireless router—modem and wireless router in the same unit. So my computer is hardwired to the modem but I also now have a wireless router for using wireless devices in other parts of the house.

This is the front of the modem—also shows the two antennae in the back for the wireless broadcast:


And the rear of the modem. The coax cable for Internet is on the right and four LAN (Ethernet) ports are in the middle for the router, of which I am only using two (plus an unused USB port).


Set up required a call to Time Warner tech support so they can configure the modem/router on their end, but it was pretty painless.


  1. How much total for the upgraded RR service/month?
    including the modem/router rental?
    And the service product is called RR extreme, correct?

    Yep, twc business class prices are HIGH! But they do have
    cheap offers to get a business in the door.....then after the honeymoon
    slam the door shut on lower prices. I think it is time to try them though. Centurylink is way out of line on their dsl pricing too!

    Inconvenient to switch back and forth between carriers. Need way more wireless competition so isp pricing would be like in Asia!

    Thanks for the report.

  2. I think the total charge for the RR Extreme is around $75 (modem/router included "free"). It might be less if one has a package deal with TWC, which I don't.

    On another note, email me some info on your beach house rental on EI -- didn't see any contact info on your blog page. Send to