Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Best Café in the World"

Not that many vegetarians or vegans reach the pinnacle of their sport, but England's James Willstrop has—he's the number one squash player in the world (on the right in the picture). Having traveled the world for 10 years as an athlete, he recently compiled a list of his 10 favorite vegetarian restaurants. Of the four listed in the United States, one was South Philadelphia's Grindcore House (and here)—Philly's first and only vegan coffee shop. Here's how Willstrop described it (for his complete list go here):

6. Grindcore House, Philadelphia
More a café than a restaurant, Grindcore is an unlikely presence in a south Philadelphia neighbourhood, free of shops and businesses. They often play hardcore music (at a moderate level) which is almost incongruous with the feel of the place. High points are the comforting sandwiches, and I can't believe how good the chocolate peanut butter bomb is. If you can't handle soya or cow's milk in your coffee then there are almond and rice milk options. For me, the best café in the world. If there was one of these in Leeds then I would never find time to train.

(Shameless plug: the Grindcore House was co-founded and is co-owned by my son David [who doesn't play squash]. Nice work, Dave!)

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