Friday, March 23, 2012

Hip Hip, Hoo-Dutch!

Being of Dutch ancestry—"Kruidenier" means "seller of herbs" or "grocer" in Dutch (kruiden = herbs, kruidenier = seller of herbs; see wagon in this picture) . . .

vd horst kruidenier

. . . I have to give a shout to the lowly Dutch when I can, both of these having crossed my desk this week.

First, a Dutchman who created the first human-powered, wing-based (flying like a bird) flight. He used wireless controllers from a Wii game machine to translate the motion of his flapping arms to the wings. Very nice -- (hit the CC button, then "English", for a translation of his post-flight reaction): Update: I got snookered (along with a lot of other people). This was an elaborate, fictional hoax eight months in the making. Watch the video anyway -- it's cool -- and then watch the ABCNews interview with the "hoaxer" below. (Thanks, Daniel and Liz.)

Second, a "used" cathedral in Maastricht, Holland, has been transformed into the "world's most sacred bookstore." This is not a library—it's a bookstore. I'd say it's a step down from housing the Word of God to the words of men, but a nice job of it nonetheless. Go here for the article and a half-dozen more gorgeous photos (thanks, David KRUIDENIER, for the link):


Hey, William of Orange (take your pick) had nothing on these Dutchmen.

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