Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I Say or What I Do?

When it comes to eating, should we do what the government says or what the government does? The pyramid on the left shows that nearly 74 percent of government food production subsidies go to the meat and dairy industry. But compare that with the portion of one's diet the government suggests should come from protein, predominantly meat and dairy in America (triangle on the right). In other words, compare the size of the two orange sections.

Also, compare how much of one's daily food the government says should be fruits and vegetables (green part of the right triangle) with how much money the government spends subsidizing the production of fruits and vegetables (.4 of one percent at the tip of the left triangle).

Shouldn't these two triangles look about the same? If the government is going to subsidize food production (topic for another day), shouldn't they do so proportionally to what they recommend we eat? Just sayin'. . . .

(Thanks, Robert)

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