Thursday, February 9, 2012

Juicing Big-time

The current issue of Vanity Fair magazine has a nice article about a booming California company (two stores) selling fresh-pressed veggie juices: Pressed Juicery. Locations currently in West L.A. and Malibu, making them hot and hip and trendy. But this is the real stuff: raw, un-pastuerized juice with a three-day shelf life that is pressed—the very gentlest and best way to extract juices. Until I broke my Welles Press juicer, it provided the best juice I've ever made (pulp created on a Champion, then pressed in the Welles). Pressed Juicery got started with the famed Norwalk Juicer, still the Cadillac (with a price tag to match). Read about Pressed Juicery here. (Picture from their website without permission.)


  1. I want to get these for the coffee shop...

  2. I hope you do -- I'll make a juice run to Philly.