Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's Stopping Them?

A new website called is collecting signatures from wealthy people to petition the president to increase taxes on people who make more than one million dollars per year.

Fine. My question (asked by many others) is, "What's stopping them from writing a personal check to the government today?"

I wonder how many of them are willing to send in a big check (or have done so already) to the government on their own, privately, if they're so convinced that Washington deserves more of their money.

My guess is that none have—and none will.

They want you (if you're a millionaire) to be forced to support a profligate government that has demonstrated it has neither the will nor the capacity to manage the money we have given it. Why on earth would anyone thing they are capable of managing more?

But if you think they are, Mr. and Ms. Petition Signer, please send in your check and leave the rest of the millionaires alone.

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