Thursday, September 1, 2011

Steve Forbes: "Obama's policies are the definition of insanity."

Steve Forbes predicts Obama will be gone in January, 2013, and along with him Ben Bernanke, and that the U.S. will be back on a gold standard within five years. This is a great (and encouraging) interview from Forbes' perspective, but a terrible job by -- using a blond talking head to read questions to Forbes which one wonders if she even understands. Who is Newsmax kidding with this kind of production? I couldn't even bring myself to post it here. But if you want to hear Forbes' perspective, which is well worth listening to, you can watch it here.

Forbes is a lot like Ron Paul—his quirky personality and mannerisms kept him from being widely considered as a two-time presidential candidate. But the man, like Paul, knows his economics and history.

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