Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Water

Went to Cold Spring outside Concord, NC, after church to fetch spring water. Was sad to see two gigantic trees that stood in back of the church now in pieces. I don't know if recent storms brought them down -- I didn't see evidence of them being uprooted or "broken." Looks like they were both just cut down. Would love to have the wood -- would love to have a wood-burning fireplace.


Lots of years represented by these rings:


I love the coolness and quiet of the little grotto where the spring is located. This is standing by the spring looking up:


Filling five-gallon bottles:

Water weighs eight pounds per gallon, so each five-gallon jug weighs 40 pounds, or two equals 80 pounds. Good resistance training for the bones. No wonder our ancestors rarely had osteoporosis:

What a treasure this spring is -- it's been running steady since the early 1800's (the earliest records) and I assume long before then.

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