Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Prepare to Be Moved

A few weeks ago I posted a video of a group of singers around the world performing Sophie Madeleine's song, "You Are My Favorite." It was cool -- but not as cool as what's below. Don't let the length of the videos dissuade you; this is well worth the time invested. If you haven't seen the "Sophie" video you might want to watch it first in order to appreciate the enormous scale you'll see in the second video below.

I realize this music may not appeal to everyone. Rather, I'm posting these videos as further examples of the never-ending expansion of creativity of which human beings are capable -- here related to the arts (music and visual) and technology. The TED conferences serve as amazing symposia in which talented, creative, and inquisitive people can sharpen and stimulate one another by sharing, affirmation, and enjoyment.

First, watch this for background (14+ minutes):

Then this (9+") (go to 720p and full screen if you can):

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