Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sami's Bakery

I've read several times on the Happy, Healthy, Long Life blog about no-oil bakery products from Sami's Bakery in Tampa—especially the millet and flax, no-oil vegan pizza crusts. So I ordered a few items from their web site—all no oil and vegan:


I used a pizza crust to make a veggie pizza Friday night that was great. This is what the 12" crust looks like plain:


Loaded with veggies before baking (I started with a base of pasta sauce, then slabs of eggplant, onion, red and green peppers, cubed tofu, mushrooms, asparagus spears, tomatoes, vegan (rice) parmesan, and yeast flakes, and some more pasta sauce on top. I didn't take time to make cashew cheese which I've read is excellent as a cheese substitute.):


The finished product—slightly burned! I haven't used my oven in several years and forgot how hot the gas broiler gets when I put it on broil for the last couple of minutes. I'll do better next time. Regardless, it tasted awesome:



  1. Wow, that's a wonderful pizza...looks delicious, I even like the fact that it's a little toasty ;D

  2. Hi William,

    I'm so excited to hear that you tried Sami's pizza & that it was a success. Let me know what you think of the other products you've tried--like the lavash. Which would you purchase again?

    Tip: They do say that for best quality just keep in your freezer for 4 weeks only.

    Just wondering--what do you mean you haven't used your oven for years?

    The pizza looks fantastic! We love the texture, taste, & how easy it cuts.