Friday, February 18, 2011

May Scott Walker's Tribe Increase!

I don't know a lot about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, but what I do know I like. Finally, someone who is willing to stand up to unions and to the President of the United States who is inserting himself into a state government's business. Walker told Obama to mind his own business and focus his efforts on balancing the budget in Washington before trying to tell a state government how to manage its budget affairs. Way to go, dude! I wish I had time to say more about this, but work presses. 

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  1. I know. It makes me so mad when I see a despicable, lazy group of workers like teachers trying to hold onto collective bargaining so that they can raise their wages. Some of them even want to make over 30K a year! Hopefully all of these idiots spending days clogging up the state capital will realize relinquishing power to the government or to private companies will be the best way for them to live and prosper. And Obama certainly has a balancing job ahead of him. Would love to see a post about the Republican morons who singlehandedly plunged this country into immeasurable debt after a few decades of reckless financial deregulation. But that's all water under the bridge, right? You sure this isn't the Fox news blog?