Sunday, September 19, 2010

Woke up on the Wrong Side of the Nest

Seen outside my window this morning: This little guy (girl?) was definitely animated (agitated?) about something. Because I don't see the squirrels in this kind of mood often, it makes me realize that today was a unique day in h/er life. A normal day in my life, but something abnormal in h/ers. Reminds me that animals' lives are not robotic; that they're thinking different things at different times just like we are. Would love to speak squirrel so I could have inquired with more than my fake bark and English-only attempts. Not surprisingly, s/he wasn't impressed by my efforts:

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  1. Aw. Perhaps the squirrel had babies nearby and saw a predator. I know there tails are used for balance, communication, as a parachute, and for warmth. Something must have been nearby to alarm him/her. I have a squirrel here that I just bought a squirrel tree house for. It was an orphaned squirrel who, with the help of a wildlife rehabilitator, was able to live. To see it go from a pink little baby, to a grown squirrel, has brought me so much closer to nature. I learned a lot about these animals that I never knew before. Now I'm just crazy over the little critters. Cool video!