Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Has to Stop

Another undercover operation in Jan-Feb of this year has documented horrific abuse of egg-laying hens at the second and third-largest egg producers in the nation. A HSUS (Humane Society of the U.S.) worker hired on for three weeks to work in the battery-cage factories where egg-laying hens are kept and shot the undercover video footage. Battery cage operations have only one motive: the maximization of profits at the expense of "workers"—the hens who lay the eggs. Three to five hens are crammed into small cages where they lay their eggs until they die or become too sick or too spent, at which point they are shipped off to slaughter houses. California and Michigan have passed laws banning battery cage hen operations, and all states should. I keep showing these videos, unsettling as they may be, so that more and more people will become aware of where the eggs come from that fill their grocery store's coolers. If you eat eggs (as I once did), your demand creates the supply that these systems meet. I stopped eating all animal products (including eggs) 10 years ago for more than animal abuse reasons, but said reasons would have been enough.

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