Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is This a Great Country or What?

The current offerings from five different American eating establishments—three fast-food and two baseball park concessions—are telling. They are so unbelievably unhealthy and artery clogging that they are hopefully being presented as novelty items. (But believe it—novelty or not, these companies wouldn't be offering these items if they didn't fully expect Americans to line up and lay their money down.) (You can see pictures of the five and read about them here. Please look at the pictures and read the captions which detail the calorie counts, etc.)

The very idea that these kinds of foodstuffs are being created, purchased, and eaten says a lot about the health culture in America. It's well established that cultures which traditionally enjoyed very low rates of chronic diseases, based on their traditional diets (mostly plant-based, non-processed) and lifestyles, are now suffering the same health declines as we see in America as a result of our food culture being exported around the world. It's also well-documented that when healthy peoples from these cultures emigrate to America, within one generation their health begins to decline.

Foods like the ones in the article linked to above would not even have been imaginable in these cultures just a few years ago. The fact that they are produced and sold, and laughed at, in America is an indication of just how immune we have become to the causes of ill-health. And in the midst of our decline, our government has just told us that we are free to live and eat any way we please since they (we) will pay for the debilitating results. Indeed, it will be cheaper to pay the fine for not having health insurance than the premiums on health insurance. So, many will choose not to purchase health insurance, which leaves more money to purchase the kinds of foods America has become famous for. And since pre-existing conditions no longer apply, we can eat at the five outlets mentioned above until we get sick, then sign on for healthcare on the public's dime.

On Monday have a Monster Thickburger at Hardee's or a Double Down at KFC, have a heart attack on Tuesday, and sign up for health insurance on Wednesday.

Is this a great country or what?

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