Thursday, April 29, 2010

CSA First Harvest

Picked up the first delivery from the New Town Farms CSA today -- an amazing bounty for this early in the Spring. On the back row, left to right, is a big bag of two varieties of spinach, then a bag of arugula; middle row is a big bunch of kale followed by four HUGE heads of different lettuce varieties; front row is a bundle of baby boc choy, followed by a bundle of radishes, then a bundle of white turnips. I made a huge salad for lunch. Amazing to eat food that was picked just a few hours before:


I stood a couple of the heads of lettuce up with a yardstick behind them—the one on the right was 15" tall:


This little friend was relaxing in a chair on my front porch when I drove up. S/he roams around the neighborhood like a stray, though I think she belongs to somebody. Doesn't have too much interest in people, but I got close enough two days ago to give him/her a good scratching. Maybe that encouraged her to come back for more. I had always been highly allergic to most cats, but since switching to a plant-based diet that is no longer a problem. Cause/effect? I don't know, but I'm happy now to be around cats without the itching and watery eyes.


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