Monday, March 22, 2010



With the echoes of Pelosi's gavel still reverberating in the House chamber, Republican attorneys general in 11 states have warned that lawsuits will be filed to prevent the federal government from interfering with (usurping) states rights in response to Obamacare. Ten of the 11 states plan to band together in a collective lawsuit on behalf of their states: Alabama, Florida, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Washington. And other states may join, as many others are contemplating similar resistance, some having already passed protective legislation. Predictably, my tax-hungry, go-along state of North Carolina has shown no such courage.

We fought a revolution to put King George in his place, and it appears another is needed to push the federalés back across the Potomac. This is a movement well worth supporting. Read the rest of the exciting details here, and do what you can to lend a hand.

By the way—these states are basing their actions on a clear reading of the 10th amendment to the Constitution concerning states rights. (The Constitution gives the federal government no express right to run healthcare or to mandate [force] citizens to purchase it!)

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  1. I'm a proud South Carolinian. I hope more states will join the coalition.