Monday, September 17, 2012


This week only (or perhaps they'll extend it) you can watch online a new documentary movie on the dangers of GMO/GE foods. Genetic Roulette contains the testimony of numerous scientists, doctors, farmers, and others on the increasingly abundant evidence of the impact of genetically altered foods—ESPECIALLY on children.

For all practical purposes, America's supply of conventional corn and soy is all GMO/GE food. This film has renewed my commitment not to eat any conventionally-grown food. But organic food is not free from danger either. Scientists have discovered that the Bt bacteria (bacillus thuringiensis) that is the mainstay of organic pesticide production for brassica crops, is harmful to humans. Bt, which has been inbred into GMO/GE crops, has been found to have harmful impact in the human gut when those GMO/GE are consumed. But that means that organically-grown crops with Bt residue might be something to care about when Bt has always been considered "harmless to humans." (Of course, in organics the Bt is not inbred into the crop and is subject to thorough washing, etc., of the organic crops.)

This is a powerful movie. If you eat anything with conventional grain, corn, or soy in it (especially soy-based infant formula), please give this movie a watch. It's over an hour long, but well worth the time. You can watch the entire documentary here.

Note: If you live in California, please vote "Yes" on Proposition 37 in November. If Prop 37 passes, food produces would be required by law to label their foods as containing GMO/GE foods, something they are not now required to do (in contrast to Europe where such labeling is required). The Cornucopia Institute has more information about the Prop 37 initiative. If this initiative passes in California, the nation's biggest food state, it will bode well for it becoming law nationally.

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