Monday, July 2, 2012

Two Good Signs

I'm able to see what topics people are searching for that bring them to my blog, and, over the last few months, the top two Google searches have been . . .

#1: The ANDI nutrients-per-calorie food table popularized by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

These are both positive indicators—people are interested in eating nutrient-dense foods and even growing some of their own (and battling the bugs that make it a challenge).


  1. ...."life cycle of squash bugs" ?

    did you see this?

  2. ....per the subject below(would not let me comment below).

    You have opened my eyes to many other food options.
    Ordered a 3lb bag of Nutiva chia and hemp seeds from amazon.
    Hemp seeds are fine and fairly tasty. And if you had asked me 25 years ago if I'd be eating the 'seed that grew the hair' I'd be thinking you were crazy. I like both.

  3. I eat the same brand of hemp seed -- same price at Vitacost. I eat them daily as a snack, on oatmeal, on salads. These are hulled, minus the outer hull of the seed. I also eat the not-hulled variety which are hard and crunchy, adding tons of fiber. Before hemp seeds became more available, I ordered the hulled and not-hulled from a big organic hemp growing operation in British Columbia, but the shipping was a killer. Glad the hulled are now readily available -- hopefully the price will go down as more growers enter the market.