Sunday, July 22, 2012

Much from Little

My "garden" at present consists of a small plot in front of my house that gets good sun—a bit less than 100 square feet. Even with my limited skills, this small plot produces well. In due course, I'll replace these summer plants with fall greens.

In these four photos, you can see the progression of growth:

garden 1

garden 2



Here's a collection I brought in Friday morning:


Unfortunately, for the first time, I have had a problem with birds sitting on the tomato cages and helping themselves to the tomatoes. At least they have good taste—here is a decimated Brandywine. Brandywine's are an heirloom and not prolific producers, so every one lost to the birds is missed sorely. Tomato purists say the Brandywine is the world's best-tasting tomato, but they are low producers (though large, with big shoulders) and susceptible to all manner of disease:


I've had at least three different kinds of volunteer squash come up from seeds in the compost I spread. I'm not sure what variety is in the first picture, but the second looks like it will be the beautiful half-yellow and half-green zephyr squash:



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