Saturday, May 5, 2012

Poor, Helpless Julia

If I was a woman, I would really be offended by the new Obama campaign slide show titled "The Life of Julia." This presentation follows a fictional female named Julia through her life, nearly from womb to tomb, showing how Obama's policies make it possible for her to accomplish great things in her life without a care. No worries about anything—education, healthcare, pregnancy, starting a business, retirement—it's all a piece of cake under Father Obama's (my words) generous provision. And, in every case, none of it would be possible under the stingy Mitt Romney's and Paul Ryan's policies.

How insulting—or revolting is a better word. How did women in America prior to 2008 ever accomplish anything? And this is coming from the same party that brought us the (failed) ERA? Where is the outrage from the feminists over being portrayed as helpless without Big Brother there to shepherd them through life and ensure their success?

It's obvious who this presentation is targeting: women who have been taught by Obama's party over the years that they need big government. And that they are entitled to have their needs met through the tax revenues of those who actually earn money and pay taxes in this country.

The only thing good about this presentation is that it reveals, more clearly than ever, exactly what Obama's agenda really is: to teach Americans—women, in this case—that they can't be successful or fulfilled in life without government making it happen for them. Every time Obama opens his mouth or his campaign makes a decision, the choices about America's future become easier to see.

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