Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Cherry Tomatoes

I have four volunteer cherry tomato plants that came up and are fruiting even in the extreme heat we're having. This flower is obviously not a tomato flower but is beautiful nonetheless:


The black cherries are about halfway there. They will turn a bit darker and are larger than red cherry tomatoes and taste wonderful:



Some "regular" cherry tomatoes are also fruiting. I have no idea what variety these are as I have volunteers every spring that just appear from dropped fruit off past plants. I'm always amazed at how plants always find a way to reproduce themselves:



This is my collarless, neighborhood feline friend who appears silently on my front porch several times a week, like Sandburg's fog that "sits looking . . . on silent haunches and then moves on." S/he prefers the water out of my garden watering can to the fresh water I put out for h/er, and turns up h/er nose at the expensive cat food I bought for h/er. Cats. (I think it's a she since, periodically, I will see a tom with a lean and hungry look in his eye sitting, waiting, a few feet away. Men.)


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