Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back Porch Groove Music

I don't know of these artists -- Raphael Saadiq (and here) and his ax-man, Rob "Fonksta" Bacon -- but I've rarely heard two guys produce this kind of groove with just two guitars. And it's mainly Rob Bacon -- the amount of music he produces from his Taylor guitar is astounding -- and so effortless. Shot at NPR headquarters, I take it -- cool setting for a concert. Gotta love the Blues Brothers look -- black suits, sunglasses. I also love that he had to ask the [I'm guessing mostly-white] NPR staff-audience to clap along. Just sayin' . . . :-) But thanks to NPR for making this available! (I would not have been able to watch this at 480p, full-screen on my old computer. But now that I can -- wow -- like watching a concert on DVD. NPR shot this beautifully.)

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