Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lookin' Good, Feelin' Good

I try to save trips to my local big-box grocery store for Thursdays since that's "Seniors Day": five percent savings for those over 60. Today being Thursday, I made a quick trip to pick up a few items. And I came out feelin' good -- and not just because I saved five percent on my tab.

As I was watching the cashier ring up my items, a young female store employee -- a teenager, by my reckoning, with an "alternative" look to her -- came walking by and said cheerfully, "Nice hat!" I thanked her energetically, duly impressed with her outgoing and complimentary spirit. I found this wool hat (from Woolrich) this winter and have worn it appreciatively -- it won the approval of my son David who has long worn models similar to this (and whose breadth of sartorial approval runs the gamut from light gray to black). I think my young admirer's approval at the store, and my son's, are linked by their mutual alternative perspective. (Has my cap gained me entrance?)

The cap:


David (and buddy Bruiser), who gave his approval -- sporting a toboggan rather than his version of my cap this Christmas:


Feelin' good, and lookin' good (remember the closing scene from Trading Places?), I received the total of my bill from the cashier, a likewise friendly teenager.

"Did you include my Senior Discount?" I inquired.

His sheepish look communicated "No," and he adjusted the total. Then he said, "Sorry -- are you really over 60?"

His polite tone revealed that he wasn't challenging my qualification for the discount.

"Yep," I said. "Be 63 next month!"

"Wow -- you don't look that old." That's exactly what he said.

Gathering my bags, I told him Harris Teeter ought to train all their cashiers to do what he did -- compliment the customers on the fact that they don't look old enough to qualify for the Senior Discount.

Now -- I don't think for a minute that I look sub-60 in years. I was talking to a young teenager who hasn't lived long enough to judge peoples' ages by how they look. But I left pretending he knew exactly what he was saying. At my age, I'll take compliments where and when I can get them. "Nice hat!" and "You don't look that old!" -- especially from teenagers -- made Senior Day at the grocery store the highlight of my week (so far).

(I'm obligated to say, for those who don't know me, that the "lookin' good" part of this post is in pure fun. True story, but told in fun. The hat is nice; the old grey head, not so much.)


  1. Hey there,
    Very nice hat, reminds me of some of the vintage roadster hats...perfect to wear while driving a old Model A Huckster truck ;D! All you need is a pair of the old steampunk eyeglass goggles that I bought, a couple days ago, at a estate sale appointment. They look like the pair in this person's auction:

    Not sure if you'll be able to click on this auction via your blog (really long link!).

    Learned recently that Lazy Acres (similar to Whole Foods) has a 10% discount on Tuesdays if you're 62 or above...the grocery clerk didn't bat a eye when I asked for it (yikes!).

    Have a lovely & Blessed weekend...Priscilla

    P.S. Also bought another pair of similar goggles with amber lenses...would love to see a video of you shopping at HT's wearing those with your hat...that would turn some heads ;D!

  2. Thanks Prisc -- if I ever get the Corvette convertible I've wanted since college, I'll come looking for the amber goggles. :-)