Thursday, January 27, 2011

This Is a Test

I'm trying out a new blog posting interface tool called ScribeFire -- allows you to post from within your browser rather than from within (in my case) Blogger. It's a Safari extension, so you have to have Extensions enabled in Safari (5.0 or later). Go here to download and try it out. (Leave a comment if you have questions about installation and use. If you get it installed in Safari, look for a blackened quote-circle icon to the immediate left of the URL location window at the top of Safari [see the red arrow below]. Click on that and you'll get the ScribeFire interface window to open in Safari.) (Updated comment: I like everything except the leading -- the vertical space between lines of type. I don't see a way to decrease that in ScribeFire, which means you'd have to go into Blogger anyway if you want to tweak it. But the interface is actually cleaner and easier than Blogger's, IMHO.)

Picture 1

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