Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seismic Shift in Food and Eating

Despite some opening snide and snarky caricatures of vegans, this piece goes on to praise President Clinton's brand of veganism -- seemingly healthy, enjoyable, and very much doable. The author concludes:
Change doesn’t happen overnight, either for individuals or nations. But it is happening, in unexpected corners. Even my own local grocery story in a low-income, predominantly Latino neighborhood -- a place that sells pork rinds at the checkout -- has in the past year added organic produce and a wide aisle of exotic grains. Trust me, the day you can find red quinoa at the C-Town, there's a seismic change going on out there.
Change seems to be happening everywhere except in Christendom as exemplified by the two large, resource-rich Christian churches I have attended in recent years, neither of which felt that classes on "stewardship of health vis-a-vis food/lifestyle" was a good fit for their congregations. But perhaps raising the issue with their leaders will count as a seed that might yet sprout and bear good fruit.

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