Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doing Something

World Vision, the Christian humanitarian aid organization, was founded by a man named Bob Pierce (d. 1978). He also founded Samaritan's Purse, now headed by Franklin Graham. Bob Pierce's philosophy is captured by these words of his: "Don't fail to do something just because you can't do everything." One of the "somethings" I've enjoyed through the years has been sponsoring a child through World Vision beginning in May, 1976, and continuing to the present. I don't recall how many different children there have been -- they would grow up and move out of World Vision's program, and I would sign up for another. I've not been a great sponsor -- many World Vision sponsors travel to visit their child(ren) in their native country, and maintain active correspondence with them (letters, gifts, etc.). But I trust "my" children were helped in a small way through World Vision's support programs in their local area.

World Vision is good about sending regular school, health, and activity updates on each sponsored child, and birthday and greeting cards for the sponsor to sign and return to the child. The young man I'm sponsoring now I have "known" for the last 5-6 years. I won't mention his name or location -- as a Christian child in the world's most-Muslim country, I don't want to imperil him in any way. His latest annual progress report came with a current picture and a personal note written in his native hand and translated by a World Vision staff member. He's now in the ninth grade and doing well -- the picture shows him writing his note to me on the progress report I received from him. I'm happy that he is safe and healthy and getting a good education and the support of World Vision staff in his area -- a small something in a world where everything is not always possible.


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  1. What a fantastic story.Very inspiring. He's a beautiful boy, and you're a beautiful person to be so thoughtful.