Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If You Use a Digital Camera . . .

Found a good guy, Bert Sirkin, who runs, a resource site for digital photographers. I learned about him through one of his most popular products: a series of digital camera/photography "cheat sheets." Your 100-plus-page camera/flash user's manual (with emphasis on Nikon and Canon) is reduced to a laminated one-sheet written in plain English with only the most pertinent info. There is a separate web site for the "PhotoBert Cheat Sheets" -- check out both sites for the sheets and loads of info and accessories (only stuff Bert has used and found helpful) for digital cameras. If you email for info, you'll get a reply from Bert himself. Good guy and good products. (And from Bert's Twitter feed today: Now thru 10/20/2010 25% discount on PhotoBert CheatSheets; 15% on accessories & software!)

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