Saturday, July 24, 2010

In Praise of Compost

Back on June 2, I posted this picture of three "plants" (wasn't sure what they were at the time) that had sprouted at/near the base of a compost bin:


This is what they look like on July 24:


I think they are some variety of pumpkin squash, based on the early markings. I recall getting a pumpkin squash in my CSA share last summer which I never ate. It sat on my kitchen table through the winter and I composted it in the spring. So these plants are likely from those seeds. However, if the squash was a hybrid (rather than an OP [open pollinated] variety), it likely won't reproduce true to the parent. So it will be a surprise!


I think the robust growth of these plants is due in part to the alfalfa meal I put in the compost bin every time I add new raw material. It is a great nitrogen source for the bacteria and must be feeding these plants as well.

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