Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Pleasure of a YardFarm

So nice to go out into a small garden early in the morning and bring in food for the day, and more. (There is more kale available than I can eat, and just planted New Zealand spinach where the America and Bourdeaux spinach had been. New Zealand will apparently tolerate the heat like the Malabar spinach which is doing great.) The tomatoes are turning red—these could have stayed on the vine a couple more days, but I had to do a gymnastic routine to get to these so went ahead and pulled them once I was there. I pick these squash when small because it makes them the perfect size for dipping in hummus and eating raw for breakfast.



  1. We need to get some of that spinach! Harvest looks wonderful. Still no tomatoes here, but go to our blog to see what we have harvested!

  2. I've never grown New Zealand, but when I asked at Renfrow's the other day if they had any Malabar seed (to plant some more), they said they hadn't been able to get Malabar this year but that New Zealand would do just as well in the summer. So I planted a concrete planter full of NZ and it's just sprouting. We'll see what happens --