Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Don't Want to Say "I Told You So," But . . .

For those of us who have been Mac users from the beginning (for me, since 1984—like the original Mac at left), and who resisted the siren song from the dark side in Redmond, Washington, yesterday was a day of sheer satisfaction. For the first time, Apple is now a more valuable company ($3 billion more) than Microsoft in terms of market cap (shares x share price). The only company larger than Apple in that regard is Exxon. Imagine—the company that once flew a black pirate flag over its secret Mac development outpost is now the second largest company in America!

That said, I'm really not an Apple fanatic, as are many. I don't own an iPhone, iPad, or even a Macbook/Pro. But I have been a loyal Mac user for so long that I can't imagine why everyone isn't. And it's nice to see more and more people valuing the creativity born out of Cupertino.

My posting has slowed down in recent days because of work commitments, but I couldn't let this go without notice.

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