Monday, April 19, 2010

Signs the Apocalypse Is Upon Us

I don't really think the Apocalypse is upon us -- yet -- but I always liked that title line. The source escapes me for the moment (perhaps one of you will jog my memory). It appeared regularly in a publication I read to highlight bizarre things going on in our culture and world.

Things are getting a bit more scary rather than bizarre -- the impact of the Icelandic volcano, I mean. I subscribe to a view of the future based in Scripture that predicts a seven-year period of upheaval on earth called the Tribulation, described mainly in the book of Revelation. Painful and cataclysmic events will destroy much of planet earth and a large part of the population. I've always wondered what news headlines in that day will look like. When I saw this set of headlines on the Drudge Report this morning it provided a glimpse into the future:

"I saw the earth explode" could have been written by the apostle John himself as he recorded the revelation he had of the future. Thankfully, I also subscribe to the view that Christ's true followers will have been removed from planet earth before said chaos ensues, a view which grows more comforting with each passing headline (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18).

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